Beginner's Guide to Pastel Pencils

Emily Rose Fine Art
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If you are brand new to drawing or pastel pencils, this is the perfect place to begin! This guide has all of my most used techniques included and your first project: a Thistle study. The project includes some of the techniques in the book so that you can practice and get ready to start your own drawings.

This class is included with any individual class purchase as well, so why not buy a beginners class and get this full lesson for free!

The classes are taught via video but everything is written down in the workbooks as well. You'll also get advice on the best materials to use and where to find them easily and at the best price. 

So, if you plan to get drawing and improve your artistry, this is the place to begin! 

You don't need every pencil on the list to start this drawing class, but you may find them useful. 

Materials for this project: 

181 - Payne's Grey, 175 - Dark Sepia, 169 - Caput Mortum, 194 - Red Violet, 192 - Indian Red, 172 - Earth Green, 170 - May Green, 173 - Olive green-Yellowish, 160 - Manganese Violet, 131 - Medium, 230 - Cold Grey I, 102 - Cream

Clairefontaine Pastel Paper: 'Light Green'. This is the same as the 'sheets' or 'pads' but different from the board. Paper Story also stock the pastel paper making life easy.

Putty Rubber - I use Faber Castell | Sanding Paper - P120 preferably | Craft Knife - Make sure the blade is sharp and keep away from children. 

I want this!
Watch link provided after purchase

A 62 page workbook and over an hour of video teaching

Every step is broken down
Go at your own pace and revisit techniques
We go through materials, starting the drawing right to finish
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