Draw a Nuthatch Portrait in Pastel Pencils

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Learn to create an entire scene from scratch with pastel pencils. Find out what makes professional drawing 'alive' and bring this into your own work!

Would you like to learn how to create drawings with movement, life, a feeling of weight and depth? These are all skills you can learn in this video lesson and use in your own work, too. 

  • Move away from stiff awkward drawings

  • Start using new techniques and theory to truly progress

  • Fully understand your medium and what it can do for you

What You'll Learn

  • How to draw amazing eyes for birds and mammals

  • How to create movement in a static drawing and pose

  • How to use pastel pencils to create feathers

  • How to create multiple textures for the bird, bark and moss

  • How to use desaturated colours to create true realism in your work

  • How to manipulate colours using colour theory

  • How to transfer any drawing 

  • How to choose the right materials every time

What You Get

  • 10 videos teaching the drawing step by step

  • Specific technique video for drawing eyes

  • Full 64-page workbook

  • The colour theory for desaturated colours explained for artists

  • Reference photos

  • Extra content for drawing bark and moss

  • Access to a community for inspiration

  • Access to me every week for personal feedback

  • Full beginner's course which includes:

  • 5 in-depth technique videos for pastel pencils

  • Full beginner's handbook with techniques explained

  • Beginner's thistle project to practice on

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Who is this for?

Level: Intermediate

This class is great if you've been through the beginner's course and had a little practice with some other projects, like the rose or one of my free classes on my blog.

Find Out More

Email me if you have any questions about the course:


You can also join the community for pastel pencil art on Facebook where I give out feedback every Friday on your work and answer any questions. Find it here:

Emily Rose Fine Art Drawing Group


You will need a selection of Faber Castell and Cretacolour pastel pencils for this drawing. All of the pencils are listed for you in the workbook as well as tips on where to source them. If you don't have the correct pencils, don't panic! Start with what you have and move from there. 

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Watch link provided after purchase

Full workbook with every stage written, your reference photos, materials list and extra information on techniques and theory. Also, over two hours of video tuition where you can watch me draw this Nuthatch and talk you through every step!

Included for Free: Beginner's Course
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Draw a Nuthatch Portrait in Pastel Pencils

0 ratings
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