How to Draw Rose and Water Drops in Pastel Pencils

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Rose Tutorial

Please read the 'How is it Taught' before you purchase this course

Level: Beginner

42 page workbook

Over an hour of video tuition

Who is this For?

This is for all beginners out there, (and people with more experience are very welcome, too!). If you have just finished the beginner's guide, then try this lesson next. There is quite a bit of wiggle room in this tutorial, you don't need to stay in the lines and can really push the pastel to see what it does.

What will You Learn?

We will look at creating a structural underpainting with limited colours to start with. The lesson focuses on creating the beautiful velvet-soft texture of the petals and not only shows you how to do it but also shows you why it works. This is so you can re-create the effect in other drawings if you want to. 

We will also look at creating water drops on the petals, again this is a great little addition to lots of drawings so you can start to collect a few different skills to use again in your own art.

How is it Taught?

You will get access to a full workbook which has every step, pencil and technique written down for you. This is to compliment the video tutorial which shows me drawing the same rose and talking you through my process. 

**This tutorial didn't have the optimum video angle, it is still very easy to follow, but my hand sometimes obscure the pencil I am drawing with. I do apologise for this, it has been amended in later filming and reflected in the slightly lower price. **


FABER CASTELL: 175 - Sepia Dark, 169 - Caput Mortum, 118- Scarlett Red, 194 - Red Violet, 225 - Middle Dark-Red, 193 - Burnt Carmine, 167 - Permanent Green Olive, 170 - May Green, 173 - Olive Green-Yellowish, 180 - Raw Umber, 101 - White - Medium, 230 - Cold Grey I, 132 - Light Flesh, 233 - Cold Grey IV, 127 - Pink Carmine, 226 - Alizarin Red

Clairefontaine Pastel Board - Sand (the paper would work well for this as well!)

Crystal Paper | Putty Rubber - I use Faber Castell | Sanding Paper - P120 preferably | Craft Knife - Make sure the blade is sharp and keep away from children.

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How to Draw Rose and Water Drops in Pastel Pencils

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